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Updated in 15.02.2022

Retargeting history. When retargeting and remarking started.

Historically, the first known company to create a retargeting platform was AdKnowledge, which was founded in 1997. In 1999,, now a subsidiary of AOL announced its retargeting services. In 2002, Google launched its first customer retargeting program for Adwords advertisers.

What is meant by retargeting?

When a company tracks a customer's visits on their website and then uses that information to advertise to that customer on other websites.

What is an example of retargeting?

Retargeting is a type of advertising that specifically targets certain types of people, typically people who have visited a specific website. Retargeting ads are displayed to the user on other websites they may visit, or on their social media pages. For example, imagine you are browsing the online clothing site, and you decide to purchase a pair of running shoes. Zappos will often retarget you with an ad for their running gear on other websites you visit

What are 3 retargeting strategies?

  1. Geo-targeting - targeting people on the basis of their location

  2. Demographic targeting - targeting people on the basis of their demographic profile

  3. Trigger marketing - using certain events as triggers to send ads to customers

What is retargeting in digital advertising?

Retargeting in digital advertising is a type of online display advertising whereby ads follow users around the Internet (following them from website to website and often across devices) and is often based on their browsing history and previous purchases. Retargeting is a method of online advertising that targets online consumers with ads for products they have previously shown interest in. It is the most powerful form of online advertising because it is able to target consumers at precise moments when they are likely to be ready to buy.

When should you use retargeting?

When you have a high number of people ignoring your ads or not converting. Retargeting should be used when you have a high number of people who are not converting on your ads. Rather than showing them the same ad over and over, retargeting will show them an ad that is relevant to their past behavior, hoping to drive them to make the conversion.

What is mobile retargeting and remarketing?

Mobile retargeting and remarketing uses a person's previous online activity to present ads to them on a mobile device. Mobile retargeting and remarketing is the process of targeting a mobile device with ads based on previous visits to a website or app.

What are the best practices in retargeting?

Provide compelling images or video of your products so they are more likely to be clicked on Make sure your audience is targeted so they are more likely to be interested in your products Make sure your retargeting ads are creative enough to capture the attention of the audience Make sure your retargeting ads are not too frequent or annoying

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